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I get a lot of unsolicited advice about how to improve my dating game.

Unfortunately, most of it comes from people whose opinions I don’t really trust – and you can hardly blame me for saying that since their best tip always seems to be, “Just be yourself.” As though I – the person who once stopped a date mid-sentence to ask his opinion about a bookshelf that someone just hauled to the curb – is someone who has a problem with authenticity.

It would be nice for someone else to take you out every now and again, talk adult stuff with, go to a movie that isn’t a cartoon, have some intimacy and fun and laughter aside from making huts, getting covered in flour baking with your child, doing housework or organising playdates.

Just getting out of the daily grind, can be like a breath of fresh air.

And who doesn’t like pillow talk in a language they don’t fully comprehend?

My recommendation is to get on and search for the next language exchange meetup happening where you vacation: my good friend recently did this on her solo trip to Moscow, and while she didn’t meet her next boytoy, she was at least able to get a few solid recommendations on where to have her next Whether you like to run, walk, or…

That’s my motto and adopting it has been the best thing I ever did. …Imagine you show up for what seems like a promising first date only find that the other person has a rabid dislike of the homeless and thinks race relations is an issue that we as a society discuss too frequently.

Collaboration, not competition, was the cornerstone of our friendship.One of a child’s basic needs is belonging, love and affection.With my daughter, this is probably her hugest need.Say your piece, hail a cab and then ignore his apology texts the next day. …When someone decides that he doesn’t want to continue dating you because you once mentioned a desire to live abroad – don’t give a fuck about explaining your hypothetical plans to him. After years and years of being single, that’s the best I got. He obviously can’t handle anyone capable of an independent thought and would much prefer someone who’s good at sitting still. Here’s the catch: there some people worth caring about. And the beauty of dating is that when you do happen upon a good one, they won’t be doing anything that you continuously need to shrug off. I know now that if I had continued this process alone, Harlem Run would never have gotten this far, touched so many lives, or created such a lasting impact.


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