Dating wheeler and wilson sewing machines

The cabinet work and stand were refinished many years ago. The decals are worn but still largely visable and it came with shuttle and bobbin. Not much is known about these Medium machines although at least 40,000 were made few examples have surfaced.

The table and stand are the same as used in the later versions of the Jones Medium machine which gives a large work area. Not many of these machines have come to light and we would be grateful for any further information on this Model. We are fortunate to have three slightly different versions. Instead of a drawer there is an accessory box with hinged lid mounted on the table top to the right of the machine. Probably made three or four years later than the previous machine. The local SM shop - now closed- was raided for all its 'old Jones' needles.

This partnership was short lived and in January 1864 Thomas Chadwick joined Bradbury & Co. The decals are generally worn but the centre decal is largely intact. was introduced in 1893 and the patent date March 29th 1893 appears on the slide plate. The inspection cover on the needlebar is engraved with "Jones Sewing Machine Comp'y Limited" and bears the Companys' Gryphon Trade Mark. Serial No.234882This has 'As supplied to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra' on the shoulder decal and was probably manufactured around 1914. Dating to around 1925 it has beautiful floral decals and a scrolled C. A close up of the Federation decal on the shoulder.

In 1869 Jones opened a factory in Guide Bridge Nr Manchester and the firm became incorporated (Limited) on 5th July 1889. SPARES: We have limited spares for SOME of the Jones models shown below including slide plates, shuttles and bobbins. Note the unusual arrangement of the slide plates, the function of the short "extra" one seems to be to lock the shuttle slide plate into place. This is a later handcrank version of the above machine. This machine was designed to compete with the Singer 13 but had a number of advantages including a larger shuttle capable of holding more thread. The machine has a beautiful bouquet of roses as the centre decal and the base lacks an accessory compartment found on later models. This machine was in grim condition when we found it, see the Restoration Page. There is extensive pitting to the bed, but the decals are reasonable and it is mechanically sound, we will probably replace this machine when we find a better one. The colours are brilliant green and turquoise blue, a combination we have also seen not only on Jones machines and those badged for the Co-op but also machines of Jones origin which have been badged as Bradburys.

The bobbin winder has the Patent Number 2864 and another number - 98651 the meaning of which eludes us. The decals are in really good condition as is the wood work, it looks like it has hardly been used. Another example of this superb machine but this time it has a central drawer with recessed knob and the woodwork has a very attractive colour. It was made in large numbers and remained in production for some 20 years with only cosmetic improvements. The decals are almost invisible on the base of the machine but are still evident on the curved arm & shoulder.

Any sewing machine with a serial # above 50,000 would be considered "Late" and relatively common.We specialize in pre 1870 machines and we are always interested in helping you sell "good" antique sewing machines through the Consignment Program we offer., our antique buying and general information website about antiques and antique sewing machines that we deal in.For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff.Hello Alex, While searching the web for information about Singer sewing machines, I stumbled across your fascinating web site. Not only did I find information about sewing machines, but also poetry, stories about England, from everyday life to war history, and other titbits like information about Ca Mau porcelain.Most of us know the name Singer but few are aware of his amazing life story, his rags to riches journey from a little runaway to one of the richest men of his age.


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