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The paramedics stormed into the house, carried him down the stairs and out into the waiting ambulance, slamming the rear doors in our faces. Three vehicles, sirens blaring, outside our house in a leafy suburban street in Washington DC, minutes after I’d called 911 to say that our child was unconscious.And it's kinda impossible to know who you are at that age.”“The change for anyone who's been addicted to any mind-altering substances like alcohol or drugs is so great. Griffith's parents divorced when she was 4 years old, and she moved to Los Angeles where she was raised by her mother and her mother's second husband, television producer Noel Marshall.

We are in what Don Johnson calls his music room: grand piano, several guitars, pale-blue velvet armchairs and a view of a pale-blue Pacific Ocean. He lives there with his wife, Kelley, who is impressively tall with long dark hair, whom he calls Miss Kelley (she calls him DJ) and their three children, Grace, 14, Jasper, 12, and Deacon, eight.

As for her dating life now, Griffith admits it’s slow going - a different pace for the bombshell who once dated men like Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Ryan O’Neal.“I’m shy with men now, very reticent ...

“When you get a lot of attention in the media and you go to a lot of stupid parties and you're 18, 19, 20, 21, you know, and you're cute and sexy or whatever, you get a lot of attention, and it's just not that healthy unless you really know who you are. Her father, Peter Griffith, was a former actor turned advertising executive, and her mother, Tippi Hedren, was an actress best known for her roles in Alfred Hitchcock's .

I have just seen him in his new film, the low-budget noir Cold in July, where he looks very different.

As a Texan private eye/pig farmer wearing an embroidered cowboy shirt and white boots, he gives a great performance.


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