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Casanova's only motivation is indulging his lust and desire, sating them with the bodies of his conquests. A guy who gets the girls like a Casanova, but unintentionally, is a Chick Magnet.

This trope tends to suffer from three double standards when portrayed in media; If they do build an interracial relationship with someone else, or have a sexual encounter, it is usually held in scorn by some in-universe. If kind-hearted, may overlap with Chivalrous Pervert.

She divorced her husband, rocker Richie Sambora, in April 2007.

Today Josie Bissett is a parenting expert, author and mother of two.

It should be noted that the historical Casanova was closer to a Chivalrous Pervert who really was looking for love...

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Full Story Mischa Barton stupidly passed on a role on Gossip Girl – good news for the show, sad sack news for her career. And at this point, for Mischa Barton, does it get any better than Gossip Girl??? Full Story So even though local cops decided not to charge her for injuring 2 elderly ladies with a laptop, Denise Richards had to be rushed out of my country anyway.

Heather Locklear might be BLAB (B list at Best) but Denise Richards is scraping D - on a good day.

And in the battle of public opinion, that bitch doesn"t stand a chance.

Saturday night, midnight was the deadline, she departed Vancouver on a 7pm flight because – and this is good!

– sources off the set of Blonde & Blonder tell me that, unimpressed with her behaviour at the River Rock Casino, the Canadian government decided to send her packing by YANKING HER VISA.


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